jealousy’s the ugliest trait.

by savannaswm

Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson

Probably the most conceited song I may have ever hear, I love it. I suggest you listen to it. Although, I know you won’t.

Wanna know how I know? Yesterday I posted a link. 25 people viewed my blog.. 10 of which viewed my latest posting┬áseparately.. The rest who would have seen in on the homepage. Want to know how many people looked at that youtube video? four. four people. one comment. It’s a 10 year old girl, with a talent who wants a view hits on her youtube video.. c’mon, guys.

But whatever, I’m not a salesperson.. well actually I am – but only screwdrivers and sockets.

It’s the weekend now! Apparently there’s a party tomorrow, I’ll be sure to complain and whine about how bad I am at partying with these kids on Sunday. Anyone wanna trade livers? That would make this all a lot easier for me ;)

Steffen gets paid today or tomorrow! Big big big deal!